Why Video Marketing Is Good for Your Business  


In a recent survey conducted among online consumers and marketing professionals, it was found that around 86 percent of businesses today rely on video marketing as a way to promote their products and services. An impressive figure, but it becomes even more impressive when you consider that in 2016, just 5 years ago, that figure was at 61 percent. In just a short time, the number of businesses that used video marketing in their campaigns has jumped by 41 percent.

With the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns enforced all over the world affecting the way businesses operate and engage with their target audiences, one might conclude that all of that has played a part in the incredible rise of the video marketing industry. That might be true to some extent, but there are also other factors that come into play, such as technological advancements and the simple fact that it has become less time-consuming and more cost-efficient to invest in video marketing. In some cases, business owners don’t even need to utilize their own resources to produce such videos as they can just hire a professional corporate video production company.

If you still have doubts about the advantages this platform can have on your business, maybe the following reasons can convince you:

  1. It boosts conversions and sales.

It’s one thing to get people to visit your website. It’s another thing entirely to get them to engage with your site. This is called a conversion, and it can come in many forms, such as when a customer fills out a form or makes a purchase.

The simple action of adding a video on a landing page has been found to increase conversions by as much as 80 percent. It can also increase your sales—a well-produced video can convince a site visitor to buy a certain product or service. This is not surprising, considering our visual sense is where we take in most information about the world. If eye-catching pictures can already boost engagement, can you imagine what a combination of powerful images and sound can do?

  1. It provides a good return on investment.

Video production requires resources and a lot of effort, but it can also provide lots of rewards. As long as your content is good and you explain clearly what your product or service is all about, you can expect a return on both your investment and efforts. Just as long as you work with a production company that knows what it’s doing and is familiar with how the industry works, you can’t go wrong.

  1. It helps to build trust.

Like in all human relationships, trust is the foundation of a business. Without it, no business can expect to be successful without first building trust in its customers, which will then lead to deep, personal connections that can even be for life.

You can do all of this through video, since it’s a platform that can not only engage people but also ignite their emotions. Nowadays, Youtube remains to be the top social media of choice for video marketers. By simply uploading promotional videos on their channels, they are able to attract a following and create engagement that can lead to sales and conversions. In the long term, if they’re successful at gaining the trust of their followers, they can build long-lasting relationships with them. This is the ultimate goal of video marketing.

  1. It can help you rank better on Google.

Did you know that you can increase your chances of earning a high ranking on Google by simply embedding a video on your website? Not to mention that Google now owns YouTube and thus they love giving their own the top spot for certain keywords. That’s a fact that many companies have noticed and started to take advantage of, and it’s time you do the same.

Your job doesn’t stop at producing videos for marketing purposes; you must also make sure that such videos are fully optimized on Youtube. You can do this by coming up with catchy titles and descriptions. Don’t forget the call to action—a link leading back to your website that features your products and services. You need to give potential customers a clue as to what their next step would be.

  1. It gives you the chance to explain products or concepts in detail.

Unlike conventional TV and radio ads that are limited to only 30 or 60 seconds, you can have as much time as you want when it comes to corporate or commercial videos. Are you about to launch a new product? Do you want to promote a service that you feel hasn’t been given much attention? All you need to do is produce a brief but concise explainer video and then upload that on your website or Youtube channel. This platform can even come in handy when you want to explain a difficult concept. By merging video and audio, you can create content that brings in results like no other marketing tool can.

  1. It engages even the most hesitant of buyers.

Many of us are visual learners; we comprehend a concept best when we see it played out in front of us and not just read out. This is where video comes in—not only is it an effective learning tool, but it’s also easily digestible. In today’s fast-paced world, many people don’t want to spend time or effort reading long, confusing product descriptions. You can catch the attention of your customers by showing them your product or service in action.

Through videos, you can capture your target audience and even go beyond that. It also works on so many levels and can convince even the most hesitant or laziest of customers. Thanks to technology and inventions like smartphones and the Internet, customers can purchase a product even without having to step foot outside their homes.

Final Words on Video Marketing

Don’t be mistaken about it—video marketing can be rewarding but it is not a simple thing to engage in. It not only requires creativity and production skills but also a knowledge of human behavior. You’re best off hiring a professional who has been in the business for long and who can guide you through the complicated process