What kind OF Recording Options You Should Have


During a recording session, it’s up to you whether you prefer everyone or just the drummer to play on the click. You can also decide, especially if you are recording in a group, that no one clicks in order to preserve a natural momentum but keep in mind that this will likely make your song less precise.

Rehearse But Not Too Much

Recording is an opportunity to fix a song, so it’s best to put the odds on your side to produce the best possible version. To do this, rehearse your songs well and make sure everyone has the same vision. If you find on the day of recording that you don’t have the same structure or the same break details in mind, it may give your production an amateur character and waste not only your time and energy. A smart choice of las vegas studio recording can really offer the perfect result.

However, it is also important to give your body and mind time to assimilate the rehearsal sessions, especially when they are combined over a short period. It is therefore better to give yourself a few days of respite before a recording session, which can also allow you to regain dynamism and a pleasure that you feel less at the end of intensive rehearsals.

The rehearsal also concerns the home studio in charge of the recording. If you have little experience in this area, make sure you know your software well enough so that you don’t waste time on basic operations.

Thinking of the Metronome

Playing in studio requires much greater precision than playing live, since the slightest imprecision can be heard on the recording. This affects the quality of the result and reduces the possibilities for editing and mixing. Put yourself in these conditions get in the habit of repeating “on click” i.e. with a metronome. It can also allow you to get used to the recording conditions in the studio, away from the energy of the live where the audience often helps to surpass themselves as a musician or singer.

Choose a Configuration

If you want to record several instruments, you will have to ask yourself whether to record as a group or separately. If you go for a live band setup, you will need more material and this will put more strain on your recording conditions. In addition, this supposes a good preparation of group, because the slightest error can force everyone to start again a catch. On the contrary, recording the instruments separately is more economical and easier to manage, but it can affect the spontaneity of the result. To learn more about the difference between recording in a group or separately, do not hesitate to read the tutorial about the equipment needed for a studio.

Determine the Desired Result

A primary question is why you are recording your songs to distribute a model to professionals? This will weigh on your requirements and will help you determine, during the recording sessions, which tracks to keep and which to redo to obtain the desired quality.

Choose the Order of the Songs

We can never say it enough, recording in the studio, can be unsettling when you are not used to it. Anything that can be used to build confidence is useful and even the choice of the order of the pieces is important. Stopping on a song can be very frustrating, so it’s best to start with the ones you know best. This will allow you to approach the more complex pieces with more serenity.


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