Tips For Taking Shower With a New Tattoo


Taking care of your tattoo if you have got yourself inked can be a hectic task. But it is the labor of love. You would want the tattoo to be in a top condition at all times, isn’t it? That is why you have to keep a lot of things in mind for the first few weeks of getting a new tattoo. One of the most important of them being the fact that you cannot expose the tattoo to direct water immediately. Yes! You have to let the tattoo dry and heal in the coming days. So, you need to check out these useful tips and learn how to take shower with a brand new tattoo.

Tip Number 1 – first you must make sure to remove the bandage that was applied over the tattoo before you take a shower. Before you touch the bandage, you have to scrub your hands very carefully. Wash them in warm water with mild soap and then peel off the film. Never try to take a shower with the cover on the tattoo. This will soak the water into the bandage and hold it against the new tattoo. This can lead to bacterial growth and septic.

Tip Number 2 – you must wait at least 24-48 hours before you can take a shower. It totally depends on the tattoo you have done regarding how long you have to wait before removing the tattoo cover. Your tattoo artist will give you the best timeline regarding all the things you have to carry out. It is always a good idea to wait for this long because it helps the skin to create a better barrier over the tattoo. Keep using a good quality tattoo aftercare cream so that the overall healing process is of the best standard.

Tip Number 3 – you must use lukewarm water when you are dealing with your brand new tattoo. Hot water can cause redness and itching when you are taking a shower. It can also lead to the loss of color from the tattoo because it opens the skin pores. That is why you have to avoid using very hot water. Use a mild soap which is free from any fragrance and chemicals in order to wash the tattoo for the first month. Lather the soap in your hands and only then you can apply it on the tattoo. Don’t apply any kind of soap directly over the tattoo. Also, avoid using loofahs and sponges because they can be the source of bacteria and dead cells.

Tip Number 4 – after your shower is over, use a clean and dry towel. Don’t rub the towel over the tattoo but pat it gently over it. For the first few days you may see some blood or ink coming out and that is absolutely fine. After you have cleaned the tattoo with a towel, use a tattoo ointments. This will help the tattoo to remain moisturized and boost the healing.