There Is No Better Way To Start Than With A Custom Paint By Numbers Kit.

Custom Paint By Numbers

Capturing a moment in time has never been easier than with our custom paint by numbers kits. Now you can recreate your special moments with the beautiful and easy to use canvas and paints, slowly bringing your picture to life and filling your home with absolute joy. 

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Although our minds are the best place to hold a memory and replay the intricacies of our special moments, there is something comforting about watching it take form under the strokes of our paintbrush. You never know when these memories will start to fade or when the important details will escape you, so capturing them in a magnificent painting will serve as a constant reminder of the best days of your life. 

Tips For The Beginner

Starting your painting journey is truly something to be proud of. It’s never easy to take on new challenges, but with this helpful tips for the beginner painter, your start will be enjoyable and extremely rewarding with these helpful tips for the beginner painter.

  • Clean your paintbrushes properly – once acrylic paint dries, it is almost impossible to reverse. When you start your painting, keep a jar of water on the table and store your paintbrushes in it. It will keep the brushes wet and ready to use and will prevent the paint from drying out. Also, make sure to rinse your brushes thoroughly and reshape the bristles before storing them. 
  • Keep a variety of brush sizes on hand – having different sized brushes will be helpful when you need to paint larger areas or focus on intricate details. Don’t worry about buying expensive brushes, though, because you can still create beautiful art with a cheaper option. 
  • Be patient – it can challenging to be patient when you are eager to finish your painting, but acrylic paint needs time to dry. To avoid smudging or possibly ruining the textures of the paint, let it dry completely before working on it again. Remember, the thicker the paint, the longer it will take to dry. Try filling the time by doing something useful, like reorganising your paints, cleaning your brushes and tools properly or reading up on helpful art tips. 
  • Use your extra paint in creative ways – if you have any extra paint laying around, try being creative. You can use acrylic paint on almost any surface, so your possibilities are practically endless. Use it to paint jars, make pretty rocks for the garden or give a bookshelf a makeover with your newfound love for art. 

Starting new activities doesn’t have to be difficult. Take a deep breath, clear your mind and start at number one. Before you know it, you will instinctively create beautiful art pieces and feel proud to display them in your home. Be sure to order a custom paint by numbers set to help you get off to a fantastic start!

Take Your Time – Painting Is A Journey

Many people are in too much of a hurry to finish their painting and don’t enjoy the process in its entirety. Painting is an excellent way to escape your mind, ultimately putting you in a state of complete relaxation and helping you to enjoy simply being in the moment. Yes, we understand that you want to see the whole picture in full colour right now, but be patient – there is more to the picture than what you see on your canvas. 

Believe it or not, but the picture on your easel is not the only transformation taking place. You are transforming too! By focusing on something constructive and disabling any negative thought patterns or anxiety you may have, you give your mind and spirit a much-needed break and restore your balance. 

Take on your new adventure with open arms and discover the joys and pleasures that come with our custom paint by numbers kits. Visit us online to place your order now or browse our other amazing kits to find something you love.