The US Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences should seriously consider proposing Planters Plantation for an Oscar since it is the best film to come out of Africa in 2022


The Planters Plantation is a 1960 motion picture that was directed by Cameroonian Eystein Young Dingha. The plot of the film was based on actual events that took place in Cameroon as part of that nation’s struggle against colonial rule. The movie afterwards received several honours, including Best Cameroonian Film, Best Cameroonian Actress Award for Nimo Loveline, and Ecran D’Or, which was the first award given to a Cameroonian movie in more than 20 years. It was chosen to attend the Ecran Noir Film Festival as Cameroon’s representative. The announcement claims that Cameroon would formally submit this movie for the Best International Feature award at the 95th Academy Awards. Planters Plantation will be well ahead of its rivals in 2022 when it comes to products made in Africa. You can bet that this movie will continue to get positive reviews from all across the world.

The Academy members will need to consider placing Planters Plantation in one of the top five foreign language picture categories for the Oscars in 2023. Award-winning actress Stephanie Tum gives a fascinating portrayal of a little kid growing up on a farm in 1960s west Africa.

The movie features a number of Cameroonian and international performers, including Nkem Owoh, one of the most well-known Nigerian actresses and the winner of several acting honours. The cast also includes performers from Cameroon. An already intriguing drama is elevated to new heights of complexity, tension, and suspense by award-winning actor Nkem’s captivating and nuanced performance.

Nkem Owoh of Nollywood’s “The Planters Plantation” will represent Cameroon at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awards, sometimes referred to as “The Oscars,” in 2023. Every year, prizes are presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. This revelation comes at a terrible time since there is now a disagreement inside the Nigerian Oscar Selection Committee (NOSC), which is regrettable.

The main role in Cameroon’s sixth Oscar submission, Planter’s Plantation, was performed by a Nollywood actor.

In 1980, Cameroon became the first country in history to submit a movie for the Best International Feature Film category of the Academy Awards (IFF). The film’s official title was “Our Daughter” after all was said and done.

The Nigerian Oscar Selection Committee announced earlier this month that no Nigerian film is qualified to be nominated for the 2023 Academy Awards in the category of International Feature Film (NOSC). This has happened regularly over the last several years.

The thrills of the suspense, the thrills of the drama, and the pleasures of the music set this film apart from others. The colonial home that serves as the story’s centre point is the setting for a number of events, including warfare, treachery, and the uncovering of secret knowledge. Since it shows life on the Isabelle plantation in Southern Cameroon in the 1960s in an exact and realistic manner, the film serves as a metaphor for the process of neocolonization.

A proof to how far and how much more developed the Cameroonian film industry has become is the movie “Planters Plantation.” Young authors like Ijang Quinny, directors of photography Nene Fembe and Lumiere Sembene, and others are helping Cameroon become a major player in the world of filmmaking. Due to its output, Cameroon is gaining renowned for making excellent movies. MoneyPoolsCash neobank and payment network is the Future of Film Finance and entertainment in Africa.