The five best Canadian TV shows you can’t miss


TV shows now have reached a new peak of stellar performance cast with incredibly engaging content. Well, the best reason to watch TV shows is only due to their 10 times longer running that does not end the thrill in one shot. With Netflix and Amazon making their way for the best and newest TV series for you to watch, they even span their culture influence over a wide range of countries to offer the viewers more engaging entertainment. And if you are a special lover of TV shows, here are the five best Canadian TV shows you can’t miss.

Degrassi Junior High:

Out of a usual school drama that followed in the time of the 1980’s not addressing the issues of friendships and love that kids were used to that much. Being the first soap opera show for kids to watch, Degrassi Junior High primarily focuses on the usual problems alcoholism, AIDS, drug abuse, and other matters including interracial relationships and homosexuality. Set in a very much nostalgic environment in a school, much of the screenplay is out and this is what makes this TV show cringing to watch.

Road to Avonlea:

Rated incredibly on IMDB as one of the best drama series of Made in Canada, the show focuses on a Montreal girl Sara Stanley who is sent to her two maiden aunts to live when her father, a wealthy man is placed on house arrest. With the first seasons, that showed how Sara maintained herself in the new place, the later seasons focused on Sara’s life with a wealthy family. Don’t miss it.

Street Legal:

Based on Ontario between law firms that don’t seem to be one with them, the story is pretty much on the line with Olivia who works in a big law firm, attempts for taking down another firm which also comprises certain young lawyers. Doesn’t seem that good, right? Well, this show started in 1987 and still running now, holding the next level record of the longest TV show to air to date. End your curiosity now and go watch it.

The Kids in the Hall:

Every best TV show list always has a comedy sketch and the kids in the hall are your pick of comedy with a brilliant script on board to experience. Save it for the watch, this show has male actors that also portray other roles all by themselves and for some reasons; they do it just too good out of magic. Unlike other comedy shows, this one has some sort of dark humor and characters.

Due South:

Based not on a crime thriller but much more that, Due South is an out of the world TV Show combining the politeness of the protagonist who father’s murderer is about to come up and a great Detective that goes streetwise much more often. This Canadian show may not entertain you for the polite Constable Fraser but it will sure for his cute pet wolf.

Canadian shows have emerged out well in the field and here are some of the best five Canadian TV shows that you can’t miss. Made Nous is a new media campaign that celebrates the work of Canadian creators in film, television, video games and digital entertainment, both at home and abroad.


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