The First Step Towards Learning Piano: Start Now


The days of normalcy have some more time to return. With so much free time on your hands, if all you do is procrastinate about starting something and waste most of your time only thinking and not actually doing something, then my friend you need to change that habit. Have you ever wanted to learn piano? Yes? Then stop procrastinating and start your musical venture today. The reason many people prefer learning piano at the beginning of their journey towards the world of a deeper understanding of music is that it’s a basic instrument and more importantly, you understand the concepts of scales, chords, notes, etc. much better on a piano due to everything being visible. You can’t distinguish elements with such ease visually in other instruments. For a beginner, it is much easier to learn to play the piano.

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Whether you are learning the instrument to play just for yourself, to get better at music production or want to professionally play piano in the future, the first step is to start. With so many options available to help you learn, at your own pace and at your own time, there must absolutely be no reason for you to stop yourself from taking the first step. In the beginning, you might find the theory a bit difficult, but you can’t skip ahead and start playing songs, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so get your basics straight. Get to know which key each of the piano tiles represents. As mentioned before there are many ways that you can learn. You can learn from Youtube which is filled with videos that will cover all the basic topics. Sometimes, due to so many options available on youtube, it becomes difficult to choose to follow a certain course of action to learn, but fear not,  because there are many other options at hand. You can buy a course from websites that are specially made for you to learn piano, there are even websites that provide trained musicians for a one on one session. Now, you say you don’t have a piano, still no worries. Apps like Yokee help you learn piano on your mobile phones, you can learn and even record the songs you played in the app. The app comes loaded with piano games that help make your learning experience more fun. So, pick any one of the options available and start to familiarise yourself with the instrument.

Learning an instrument takes a lot of time and effort, the more you practice, the more you get better at it. Try experimenting with the music, try observing the piano in the background in any song you listen to,  try to record more of the piano you play, and see if there is anything you could do better. The most important thing to keep in mind while you play piano or play any sort of music is that you should have fun doing it. Take your first step today, start now.