Telugu Movies We Can Watch For Free Anytime, Anywhere


The pandemic has made our busy lives mundane, but it did help us escape from the din and hustle to focus more on ourselves.Streaming your favourite movies to all-time classics, the OTT Platform has it all and has helped keep the zeal of entertainment running.

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The OTT platform has it all, from watching your new movies to all-time classics, and has helped keep the entertainment zeal alive.AHA, a relatively new streaming site dedicated to regional films from southern India, especially Telugu films and content, is one such platform.

One such OTT Streaming Platform is aha. With a wide range of movies and web series, the OTT Platform has all the latest South Indian releases. Most OTT streaming platforms require you to get paid subscriptions for viewing HD quality content. AHA lets viewers watch a list of Telugu films online for free.Here are two films that you can watch for free on the OTT Platform.

  1. Written, Directed, and produced by N. Linguswamy, Awaara is a 2010 romantic-action Telugu dubbed version of his Tamil film Paiyaa. Starring Karthi and Tamannaah lead with MilindSoman, Sonia Deepti, and Jagan appearing in supporting roles. The Telugu-dubbed version was released on 21 May 2010 with positive reviews and was a commercial success.

The film revolves around two strangers’ journey- Shiva, a jobless, carefree man living in Bangalore, and a woman he had fallen for Charulata.

One day, upon her request, Shiva drives her to Mumbai, to which he gladly agrees. On their journey, Shiva learns about Charulatats background. It comes to light that Charulata ran away from her father, who was trying to force her into marrying someone against her wishes, and hence she wants to go to her grandmother in Mumbai. However, they both are followed, Charulatha by a gang under the demands of her father’s business partner, uncle Jayaraman and Shiva by a gang whose leader Balli attacked a few years back. Their journey, escape, and growing feelings form the plot hereafter.

  1. By SahanaDutt, written by Carthyk-Arjun and Directed by LakshmikanthChenna, Run is a Telegu psychological thriller. Starring Navdeep and PujitaPonnada in the lead roles.

The film was released on AHA on 29 May 2020 and is reported as the first OTT Original Telugu film.The story works around a couple, Shruti and Sandeep, and the film opens with them preparing for their lunch date.

The couple’s life is presented as just too ideal to be true, which is the first indication that trouble is on the way, which it is. When Shruti fails to show up for the lunch date, and Sandeep learns that she has been murdered, everything changes. Sandeep’s situation worsens when he is named the prime suspect in the suspected murder of his girlfriend. He flees the situation, upset.

The cat-mouse chase turns into a psychological thriller; the unfolding of the murder and the whole story behind it forms the plot’s crux.With these two Telugu movies free online, you can try out the OTT Platform and if you enjoy the content, then check their subscription plans as new and exciting films and series keep rolling out.