Surrender To the Melodious Charm of Alex Genadinik’s “Enchanting Woman”


Music connects all of us with the universe. The soul-shaking tunes, thoughtful words weaved in an equally enchanting order to reflect all the beauty of the poet’s ideas make music bewitching.

Alex Genadinik is a singer-songwriter whose songs resonate the spirit of Cohen’s poetry, Dylan’s metaphor, Vysotskly’s melody and Bulat Okudzhava’s mellow tunes. Enchanting Woman is Alex Genadinik’s latest song that soothes the ears and consoles the mind. This high spirited song, wrapped in the veil of melodious tunes that instantly touch the soul, is poetry sung following cords.

The song, “Enchanting Woman,” is originally a Russian song that traces its origin in the poems of Oleg Pogudin, a renowned Russian poet. Earlier Bulat Okudzhava sang the song in Russian. And now, keeping its authentic European tunes intact, Alex has translated this song into English. In spirit, it is a love song that goes beyond the limits of the word.

A finer sense of the world and life gets fused with this song’s words as it presents a story of a woman of surreal beauty and her admirer who spends his life writing letter to the clouds addressed to the woman.

As the poetry flow suggests, after catching sight of the woman, the man falls deeply in love with her. The narrator describes the woman as a majestic lady with starry eyes. He further adds to elaborate that her beauty is so elegant that even the flowers would dream of blooming that bright. The woman reminded the narrator of angels with harp in their hand, playing poignant tunes. The narrator felt like losing his soul to every note they played.

Eventually, she returns to the same ether she emerged from. Left melancholy and languished, the man starts sending letters to her in the clouds, knowing not to receive any replies ever. The narrator gradually grows old and grey about his love for the woman grows only stronger and greener.

This song establishes love in eternity, negating the mortal bindings of the world. It amplifies the meaning beyond its mundane limits and restores it to its timeless glory. The fine-tunes, produced by Alex’s strummed nylon string guitar, reflect the tragedy, lament and solitude of the song perfectly. As the song progresses, it brings back the memories of the famous Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen’s love songs. Enchanting Woman has a lot in common with those Cohen love songs in its entirety.

Alex single-handedly sings the songs while he plays the guitar. But, you can also trace the presence of something like a cello playing subtly in the background. During the opening verses of the song, the cello plays subtly enough not to catch your attention yet to add the required dose of melancholy to match the amount of gloom present in the poetry.

This song by Alex Genadinik is surely one of the finest right now so far as love songs are concerned. From soulful words to melodious tunes, this song surely is the perfect projection of Alex’s versatile talent.

Alex Genadinik of is a singer-songwriter influenced by both US and Russian singers like Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Bulat Okudzhava, and Vladimir Vysotskly. Alex’s songs feature imaginative poetry and beautiful, thoughtful lyrics that are bound to make you daydream into new worlds.