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The music industry in 21st century like the past few decades has been quite generous to the budding artist as never platforms like Instagram YouTube are providing a lot of opportunity to those with real talent. Apart from this platform Mini talent hunting shows can make anyone famous over the night and a sensation Nationwide. Jamskillet has been search a talent that can blow the mind of teenagers and those in love with the rock song with his lovely music and lyrics.

The social media

He is a songwriter office record who started his career a few years back and ordinary has over 15k followers on Instagram. Apart from a few hits the recent album bad vibes has been released on several online platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook et cetera. While his latest albums has focused on the Freudian philosophy of attraction towards evil he has produced different other types of music which can be availed which can be availed from his Instagram account. You can follow him on instagram

Symphony and lyrics of bad vibes

Bad vibes from Jamskillet carries on the modern day sensation of the popular boy bands, of you not worthy names can be One Direction, Backstreet Boys from 1980s etc. Referring through the initial line,” I feel bad vibes every time I see you”  the singer try to portray a Love Song in the old mold from Christian mythology of Satanic love. Going to the sweet combination of synthesizer and piano one will certainly get lost in the world of Symphony. The most powerful craft of lyrical blending along with the rhythm is so soothing to hear that after listening once you may want to listen to the song again and again.

Sources to get the music from

The music can be listened and bought from several places…


Spotify is a very popular music app from where one can directly listen to music without having to pay any extra money. You can hear his latest song Bad vibes which is available on this particular platform and you listen the song as many times you want.

Apple music

Designed for the Apple users Apple music is a revolutionary musical app that can play any music in 384k format. Bad vibes is available here as well and like Spotify can be listened to as many number of times as one wants.

Apart from these two sources one can also listen to the music from directly YouTube, YouTube music, Google music, Pandora, sound cloud. Do follow the artist on Instagram for further information and updates on his latest music.


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