Nifty tips to keep in mind while recording


 The devil is in the details 

It is incumbent on every artist running the shebang to make sure that there are no glitches during the whole process. They may be seemingly inconsequential errors that will eventually create a glaring setback. For example, it could be the squeaking of a chair or sofa or a cellphone ringtone. It can also be a result of malfunctioning in instruments. There’s no greater disappointment than recording a whole song and nailing it down a T, only to notice an annoying sound in the background that could potentially jeopardize the whole recording. Get these obstacles out of the way for an undisturbed and seamless performance.  

Lower the volume of music whilst recording vocals 

This should be an obvious prerequisite. For a smooth recording of unbridled and distinguishing vocals, the music must be turned down to a minimum or it could lead to clipping. Oftentimes, when the music is loud, the singer ends up straining his/her vocal cords which will have detrimental effects in the long run.  The music should be ranging anywhere between -20 to -30 db. It also provides ample wriggle room for music mixing, editing and such. 

Use familiar gear 

We all yield to the temptation of buying something new and exploring its possibilities but it comes at an expense. Not everyone has the luxury of time. No harm in trying new gear but it needs to be balanced out with something that you’re accustomed to. That way, you’re sure of making steady progress in the right direction. 


Shift your mic and musical gear around to determine stellar results. Sound waves and frequencies differ greatly in accordance with the environment. You can’t just place the mic in any place that appears suitable. Since you’re in the field of music, acoustics is everything! Even a slight gap can make a sea of difference. 

Labeling tracks suitably 

It’s a real buzzkill when you have ambiguous titles like Audio 1 and Audio 2 for your music tracks. Choose appropriate titles that go with the soundtrack. A mixer will much prefer seeing catchy and distinctive descriptions like “Star gaze” or “Boom shak-a-laka”. It eases their job and lifts their spirits.

Songmills studios based in Montreal have worked with a multitude of artists over the years and over time, have expanded their domain. Their services now extend to voice lessons and vocal tuning. 



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