La Sinclair drops her latest single, “OK OK OK (Take It to the Break)


Born in Los Angeles, California, and raised in Acapulco, Mexico, La Sinclair is an artist with a purpose. When she is not taking the day off to work on social causes, she loves to create music. Recently, she demonstrated her talent to the world with her first single, “Won’t Let Go”. She is an artist with a purpose.

Her latest single, “OK OK OK (Take It to the Break) which features Adan Cruz and herself.

The flirty song is about having fun and relaxing at home with a significant other. The song is very relevant, seeing the current situation around the world. The song urges us to be close to our loved ones and teaches us the value of love and life.

It’s a pop, hip-hop song good for any party, exercise, or car drive. The song has catchy beats and nirvana music which takes us to another world

“OK OK OK” is available now on Spotify and all major platforms. To keep up to date on La Sinclair follow her on Facebook.

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