Know your Voice Type


Voice type is the different scope of voices, tone and reach that vocalists have. Some generally known kinds of voices are Soprano, Tenor, Bass and so on each vocalist has a specific uniqueness to their voice however they likewise share certain similitudes which encourages us to characterize them into specific groups.

We should examine different sorts of voices.

There are three sorts of female voices and 4 sorts of male voices in the domain of traditional singing. They are as per the following:

  1. Male Voices: Countertenor, Bass, Baritone and bass goes under male voices.
  2. Female Voices: Mezzo Soprano, Soprano and Contralto are the female voices.

These are the wide groupings which can be utilized across different classes like pop, jazz and so on


  1. Vocal Range: Your vocal reach is the primary trademark which encourages you to decide your voice type. It is significant that you know your vocal reach so you can prepare with the melodic notes which suits your voice. Else, you can wind up harming your voice by rehearsing with notes which are excessively high for your reach.
  1. Vocal Tone: Different artists have distinctive vocal tones. Some have brilliant and ringing voices while others have weighty and serious voices. Monitoring your vocal tone causes you to understand what sort of melodies you can perform and which tunes will suit to your voice. For instance, individuals with weighty voices can perform melodies that require all the more belting and vocal projection, while somebody with a fragile and light voice can perform tunes which are delicate and delicate.
  1. Notice the Changes: Your voice experiences a great deal of changes in tone and quality when we move from low pitches to higher notes. These progressions are known as vocal register changes. You should see these progressions while singing with the goal that you know which sort of voice type do you have. It likewise assists with actualizing certain vocal activities which are more effective for your voice.

These are the elements which assist you with deciding your voice type. You would yourself be able to attempt to calculate your voice type or you could get proficient assistance. Taking voice lessons can be one such way. Your voice instructor will pursue building up your voice and sound. They for the most part have a great deal of involvement which causes them to decide your voice type and afterward train you. It is significant that you know about the sort of your voice since it decides the sort of melodies you will be singing and the sort of notes you will play with. It you are a novice vocalist who is battling to discover their voice type then you should join a voice lesson. It will direct you and show you the correct way to stroll on.