Khazana: The Movie With a Dark Mood full of Interesting Characters


The film Khazana by Rahul Nath covers an interesting subject. The film centerson an Indian housewife, who tries to cope up with her husband who happens to be abusive in nature and causes much distress to her and her family. A series of bleak incidents makes her lead to a very dark time. However, the problems are not the serious issues that the women face in their daily lives in the society run by the patriarchal parts of the family. These issues are far darker which is somewhat mixed with a shade of humor with a twist.

The Central Characters

The role of this wife is performed by Ulka Simone Mohanty. She, with her realistic approach to the character, brings our Vaidehi in life. She ultimately takes things in her hand. We find Ahmed Lucan as her husband Amar. As the film unfolds, it becomes clear that Amar is in an extramarital affair with mistress, who is overly dramatic in nature. This character, Neelima, performed by ReemKadem adds a different flavor in the movie. Another interesting character in the film is Rishi, who happens to be vaidehi’s psychiatrist, sympathetic initially to the situation of vaidehi. This character is played by BahramKhosravani. In the end, he also becomes a part of the bleak ending of the family. Overall, the performance of the whole cast is quite strong and each of the characters has come alive with their internal chemistry among each other. For more details you can visit

Twists with the Characters

The twists and turns of the film are so interesting that you will sit glued to the screen. Even you can have a look at the director Rahul Nath as an actor in the role of an obstetrician whom vaidehi’s husband blackmails and then pressurizes Vaidehi to abort her child as he had a past in England as a child molester.

Other than these central characters, the viewers will cherish the scenes with vaidehi’s virulent mother in law played by Shruti Tewari. She is almost like the villainous stepmother from the Disney films. Her character is given an ally with Sapna, the sister in law played by Sonam Arvind Dhage. This mother-daughter duo is really entertaining from the aspect of the performance.

The Storyline

According to the as the story unfolds, it is seen that the abuse that Amar does to vaidehi becomes an act encouraged by the relatives. They also becomes ignorant when he beats her senseless. But vaidehi survives these abuses. It is interesting to see that the very next day she has no bruises of such physical abuses. Here you will be amazed by the acting of LaikhTewari as Dhaman, the servant who is a mute witness to all the wrongdoings. In the bleak life of Vaidehi, he is a bit of relief however, as she is entertained by his humor. When Vaidehi takes her revenge, he is seen to be laughing out of happiness.

Critical Reception

All these actors and their roles in the movie makes the film wholesome entertaining. The accomplishments are unending and Khazana comes up with the best of the lot. In this dark comedy, Rahul Nath manages to bring a fresh air of interest and entertainment. He brings out the complexity of the Indian American community. This film is in real a mix of the archetypal characters with the fresh ones. With the use of close door cinematography and the use of monochromatic colors help build the tone of the movie. Under the expert editing and direction of director Rahul Nath, the film exceeds the expectation of the viewers. Browse for more insights.