Karma: The Purple Patch


Most musicians need a host of accompanying artists to come up with a piece which would be of the finest quality. Not so with Maxwell Purple. This Alternative Rock/Grunge act based in Detroit, Michigan is a one-man band and base marvel. He does it all by himself with some amplifiers and a microphone. His is a unique sound signature which you could listen if you click here. You could also listen to Maxwell Purple Live on YouTube to have an amazing experience. You could also follow Maxwell on social media to get notified about the latest songs, albums and other events he would organize.

What are some of his best creations?

  • Karma – This song released in an album of the same name by Maxwell Purple on September 5, 2021 is an electrifying introduction to the album which has been recorded live. This song features solid lyrical themes and is a perfect example of the kind of music Maxwell Purple brings to his listeners. You would also find an acoustic version of this song in the same album. The acoustic version is a unique take on the song where Maxwell gives more prominence to his vocals.
  • Rocking Out on Root 66 – This is the second song in the album named Karma. Being a little over four minutes in duration, this song is the shortest among all the songs in this album. The introduction to this song is strongly inspired from Metallica and the energy is consistent throughout the whole piece. The mixing of this song in its acoustic version makes the lyrics more meaningful. Most listeners enjoy the acoustic version of this song more than the real edit.
  • Rocky – this is the third song in the queue and is perhaps the best of the lot. The riffage which precede this song is definitely enjoyable, but what this song offers is of a different level altogether. The energy that this song exudes is reminiscent of the legendary songs like “Iron Man”. The acoustic version of this song makes it clear that this song is his masterpiece irrespective of the way in which it is performed.
  • Baked in Reefer Cake – This is the last of the regular edit songs in the album Karma. This is a beautiful fusion of being chunky and mesmerizing and is a complete package in itself. The acoustic version of this piece is a perfect exemplification of the completeness of this song. You could click here to listen to all the amazing songs in this album. You could also experience Maxwell Purple live on various streaming platforms like YouTube. 


Maxwell Purple’s songs are widely available in most platforms like Spotify. You could subscribe to his channel on YouTube and follow him on his social media handles to be able to interact with him in the comment sections and show him your appreciation. This performer would definitely come up with even better releases in the future for the masses to experience. His popularity would only see a rise owing to his meaningful lyrics and a creative accompanying music.