How To Make The Most Out Of Your Online Guitar Lessons


If you are taking online guitar lessons or are thinking of signing up for one, there are several options that can work best for you. The guitar is a very versatile instrument and once you have mastered it, you can play virtually any song ever composed. To maximize your online guitar lessons like what is offered here, here are some things you need to know.

Are Online Guitar Lessons Worth It?

People will agree that the best thing about online guitar lessons is the price. Online training is usually cheaper and while nothing beats experiencing a great tutor’s wisdom in person, getting lessons online is a great way to pass the time and learn a skill that you have always wanted to acquire.

The trick is to find a reputable and reliable course and do extra work researching about the proper techniques and different styles on your own. Keep in mind that if you build the wrong guitar-playing habit, it could affect how well you will play in the future.

Getting the Most Out of Online Guitar Lessons

Get a Tutor-Based Lesson (or Several).

If you could, choose a course that is taught live by a real tutor. He/She may not be there with you but since the lessons are live, your tutor will be able to see and hear you, and correct any mistakes you may be doing. You also get immediate feedback when you need it. Sign up for a few basic lessons until you learn the proper techniques.

Consider Pre-Packed Lessons.

Many online guitar lessons come pre-packed. These are paid-for lessons that come as pre-recorded video clips. These lessons are excellent once you have a basic background in guitar playing. Lessons are usually graduated in terms of level of difficulty, so you can start with the most basic and progress gradually as you go through different lessons.

Learn Gradually.

Do not try to breeze through the lessons. Again, keep in mind that you are building a skill. Of course, online lessons allow you to go as fast or as slow as you can but when you are still learning the basics, try not to hurry up. Allow your fingers, hands, wrists, eyes, and ears to become more familiar with the instrument. Once you have acquired some mastery over your guitar, you can start increasing your speed.

Practice Patience.

The worst things that could happen when you are learning guitar online are when you either lose your interest because you are not learning fast enough or if you suffer an injury. Be patient especially during the initial learning period. Take your time to learn the basic techniques so that you not only play correctly but you also play safely and effectively without damaging yourself or your guitar.


You are building a skill and what better way to do it than to keep practicing. Online guitar lessons typically last from 30 minutes to an hour. Once it’s over, take the time to practice. Do the scales, hone your finger techniques, or discover new strumming styles. Constant practice helps build skill, familiarity with your instrument, and confidence in your playing ability.


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