How to Hire a Wedding DJ – 3 Things to Remember



Your big day is coming up and you want to make it special. You have made photography and food arrangements. The list of guests has been finalized and the venue is final too. Now, how do you entertain the guests when they attend your wedding? 

Time to think about a wedding DJ, who can fill the air with some beautiful music and keep the guests entertained during the ceremony. The real challenge here is to know how you can find the best one and you will surely know that when you read on. So, here are three important tips on how to find a wedding DJ

Meet Them in Person

You can focus on a dozen other things, but none is as important as meeting the DJ in person. Know their personality and see if they are a right fit for you. Are they friendly in the way they talk? Do they listen to you when you tell them something? Are they appreciative of your suggestions? 

As bitter as it may sound, a DJ who is not mentally compatible with you could ruin it for you. They will play things you don’t like and they won’t even listen to you. Any interaction you have with them during the function will be an awkward one because you’ll always be trying to stop the situation from escalating.

Know Their Portfolio and Forte

Ask them a few questions about any past wedding functions they have covered in the past. Make sure they are experts at being DJ at weddings. If they cover a lot of different types of venues and events, you will still have a fear that they might not play the songs that suit a wedding. 

This is exactly where you want to ask them to play you their wedding songs collection. If you don’t like certain aspects of that collection, be vocal about it. Ask them if they play everything live or they have pre-recorded sessions. Do they have a backup?

By listening to a few songs, you also want to know the quality of their sound system. Perhaps, you can request to listen to them live at a wedding they are about to perform at?

Finalize a Clean Contract

This is the most important part. Don’t let them include anything that you don’t want. For example, if there is a certain piece of equipment they are really eager to bring with them but you are not interested, be clear about it.

Decide a final price and see if there is a document you can sign. Have it mentioned on the contract how much they will charge you for any extra hours they might have to play. Confirm with them if they have proper coverage for any liability issues. 

Final Thoughts

Bringing a DJ to your wedding can be a great decision but only when you pick the right option. Don’t make it so that your guests remember your wedding due to the awful performance of the DJ. Don’t forget to talk to them before you hire them.