How ChhotaBheem and Arjun protected Bali from deadly Rangda. Watch CHOTA BHEEM AND THE THRONE OF BALI at Aha OTT


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ChhotaBheem and the throne of Bali – A Must Watch Cartoon Movie

Genre: Cartoon

Duration: 106 minss

Language: Telugu

Watchable devices: The movie is available to watch on all supported devices.

Animated Character: ChhotaBheem, Arjun, Raju, chutki, Indumati, Jaggu, Kalia, Dholu, Bholu, King IndraVerma

Director: Rajeev Chilaka

Producer: Rajeev Chilaka

Music Director: Sunil Kaushik.

The story begins with a small baby who lives in Dholakpur was attacked and taken away by wild wolves from his mother. There comes our superhero to Bheem to rescue the baby from wolves. Later in the Dholakpur palace, princess Indumati experiences a bad dream and gets scared of it.

King IndraVerma tries to console her. Indumati asks his father to tell her a story. Her father tells about the beauty and greenery of Bali. He also tells about the greatness of Param, who protected Bali from the deadly monster Rangda. King IndraVerma’s sister is the queen of Bali.

The next day King calls Bheem to the palace and appreciates him for protecting Dholakpur with his adventure on wolves. He also gives an introduction to a boy who is similar to Bheem. He is none other than Arjun prince of Bali. King IndraVerma plans to visit Bali and invites Bheem and his friends with him on the occasion of Arjun’s oath-taking ceremony as King.

Meanwhile, Rangda gets released by a few Leyaks, creates their own army, and spreads deadly monsters in the kingdom. On the other side, King IndraVerma, along with Bheem and his friends, started to Bali. Did king IndraVerma with Bheem and his friends reach on time? How Bheem and king Arjun protects Bali?


  1. Director Rajeev Chilaka, with his visuals, explained the beauty and greenery of Bali very well.
  2. Sunil Kaushik has shown the title song to the next level, which is a major asset to the ChhotaBheem.
  3. ChhotaBheem and the throne of Bali is a motivational movie where children come to know the value of friendship and to be helpful in any situation.
  4. SFX and editing by KushalGummadidala are top-notch even in this movie.
  5. ‘Unity is strength’ the movie is the best example of this.


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CHOTA BHEEM AND THE THRONE OF BALI is a very inspirational story that shows confidence and trust in every circumstance. Children can gain knowledge on the basic morals. Rajeev Chilaka has shown some exciting sequences of how ChhotaBheem conquers Rangda and also the beauty of Bali.

Don’t miss watching CHOTA BHEEM AND THE THRONE OF BALI on Aha OTT.


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