Everything you need to know about A Film Investment Company


It is the film investment firm, based at the world-famous Elstree Studio in Borehamwood, which is kind of home to a few of the biggest Television shows on British television and a studio of opportunity for numerous successful British films.

Working in combination with a no. of United Kingdom production companies, they go on to review the best and the finest ways to raise the equity for television programs, film, and film distribution. It offers a no. of tax-efficient financing chances.

This firm primarily works on a project that is at a higher stage and is looking forward to the final amount of investing. Their sole centre is on TV projects and films that have got a commercial application, an identifiable conference, moderately low & a controllable cost, and sound financial structure.

How They Work

The distribution & production companies hire them as an executive producer to finance the projects. They always have a no. of EIS, SEIS, Equity, & Distribution film or Television investment chances available. Their sole focus is on the products as a financial opportunity, and they make sure that they work alongside the producers and directors to ensure that the projects stay right within the timeline and financial budget.

All money is paid by the investors are sent straight to the United Kingdom production firm at their appointed representatives. They may arrange for the investors to visit a set during the film, appear as the extras, and attend the private screenings. They also arrange the film investment seminar there at Elstree with a guest speaker from a different film company, along with a qualified accountant who can go on to discuss several tax benefits of investing in the film industry.

What They Look For In The Film Project

Well, an executive producer is basically one who posses either privately funded or arranged funding for the motion picture or a TV show. Making a TV show or a film can be quite a costly procedure and so an Executive Producer actually acts as a financial backer, assisting the production to increase the additional finances it requires to get to a distribution stage. On a film/television set their main role is just to make sure that a project is progressing according to a set budget and schedule. Although as the Executive Producer they do not have any say in anything that can affect the film’s marketability or schedule.

Specialist In The Films

It specializes in films. They mainly work with a film project which is at a high-level stage and looking for a final amount of investing. They focus on the film projects that have got a commercial application, an identifiable public, moderately low, and controllable costs as mentioned besides sound financial structure.

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