Dr.Jaymz Promotes Gospel and Salvation through Melodious EDM Music


DrJaymz is originally from London but currently resides in Boston USA as a missionary. Inspired by Calvin Harris, David Guetta, and Tiesto, he is the first minister that has grown into an EDM artist.

As an EDM artist, he is efficiently delivering and sharing hope and love with today’s younger generation. The lyrics of his songs can convey messages of hope, positivity, self-love, and unity. The lyric encourages the listeners to embrace their individuality and embrace their differences as strengths.

For decades, people grew up listening to docile hymns from the gospel. Today, it is expressed via EDM’s uplifting moments in a festive arena.

DrJaymz is a British minister using music as a rod of salvation. In the Bible, ‘rod’ is used as a symbol of power, authority, or protection. In the same way, Jaymz uses music to spread the message of the Gospel and promote salvation.

His live performances create a powerful and uplifting atmosphere, giving listeners a sense of unity and shared experience. The soaring music and infectious beats are replacing depression, despair, and loneliness felt via insensitive dive into self-indulgence.

Dr. Jaymz’s latest singles is ‘On Fire’, which is an ideal encapsulation of praise and worship. The music is emotional, mind-altering, wise, and rhythmical which not just makes listeners think but dance. The entire track is literally on fire as the lyrics hit intensely and spiritually hard. His way of communicating with the Lord Jesus bleeds through the lyrics and soaring melodies.

Dr. Jaymz’s music releases have a mission. His first EDM release ‘Tidal wave’ was aimed to combat the worldwide opioid crisis. ‘Mind’ is his debut single driven with smooth uplifting grooves and deep lyrics telling listeners to overcome their fears with faith.

‘Your Love’ lyrics are all Gospel and give listeners a groove from pulsating baseline and guitar making them lift their feet and dance. ‘Born Again’ is a blend of Gospel lyrics and disco house grooves that spreads joy. The melodies hook the listener’s feet enforcing them to dance with happiness and replace their anxiety with devotion.

His every release seems to be a unified continuance of positive energy. This offers listeners a chance to assess their life through a virtuous and divine lens.

DrJaymz music is released through a label ‘WhatMusic Group’, which is for artists passionate about Gospel EDM. His book ‘Strength in Tough Times’ show a way to overcome tough times using practical perceptions and faith-filled scriptures. Another book ‘101 Good Reasons to Believe’ is written for Christian followers interested in strengthening their faith in the Lord. It is also for individuals who want to critically explore the reality of Christian faith claims.

On drjaymz.com, interested people can listen to his wise and immersive podcast enriched with strengthening faith in the Lord. In every episode, Dr.Jaymz addresses how the believers of God can experience revival. He even invites other ministers or strong believers to share inspirational prophetic words and powerful testimonies.

Dr.Jaymz quotes – “My objective is to carry on releasing music compositions that carries a message of love & hope to every age group, but especially younger group because they are experiencing unparalleled struggles”

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VEVO Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpM0zMEo0X1EK1IZ9T27SZg
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