Connecting The Youth With Indian Classical Music



Today, more than ever, it has become vital for young people to connect within and pay attention to their inner selves. They need opportunities where they can get off their screens and focus on themselves and the people around them. Thankfully, the Indian arts and heritage present just that opening where the youth can experience an immersive environment of art and learning. 

An increasing number of schools are focusing on Indian classical music for kids. It is known to hone the brain function of little children, helping them develop a keen sense of listening, adopt, introspect, and implement tasks with supreme precision. Learning Indian classical music requires intrinsic knowledge of hundreds of ragas along with their movements and scales that boosts memory and hearing. 

 One excellent example of youth connecting with classical music is presented by two young, budding artists based in New Jersey: Kabir and Arjun. The two stars started learning Hindi and Indian music in lockdown and are now inspiring other kids to learn Indian music and bringing Indian classical music awareness globally. 

Classical music, in its instrumental form, also comes with several advantages for kids, who can polish their motor skills and hand-eye synchronizations. Both hands have to be used together, enabling the little ones to work on their discipline, perseverance, and patience. It is never unusual for Indian classical music lovers to develop talents in other fields, such as dance, sports, physical activities, etc. 

Lastly, Indian classic music provides abundant scope for creativity and self-expression. Creativity makes room for various accents and styles, enabling the little kids to produce unique pieces of music of their own. As a result, the child develops a truly dynamic and vibrant personality and possesses comprehensive knowledge accumulated across the years of committed learning. Both Kabir and Arjun started at the young age of 9 and 6 respectively, and today, they are breaking new grounds in the arena, inspiring several others to follow suit. 



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