Coldd lassi Aur Chicken Masala Series at ZEE5 Exclusive


Coldd lassi Aur Chicken Masala is the romantic based web series, where Vikram and Nitya who was fallen in love from their college days. Nitya is the sweet innocent girl, so Vikram is likely to fall in love with her. After their marriage, they realized that their mistake, that is fall in love with the wrong person, even too late because they both had a son. An overall review can be stated that the overcooked romance with the confusion and mixing of ingredients. The sweet and spicy romance of both characters. This series is streaming in the ZEE5 Original from September 2019.

Story Overview

Nitya and Vikram are hotel management students fallen in love and get married. Nitya is a hot-headed and thorough career-oriented woman, whereas Vikram is cool as a cucumber, he wooed Nitya to take admission and wins her love. Their marriage alters their destiny. Being their marriage creates many misunderstandings, but as a mother of a son, he hates Vikram to the core, because he cheated her.

This is how the narration of the series going, it may seem like a familiar plot but the narration is like a fresh story. In the first three episodes of coldd lassi Aur chicken masala, the fresh episodes are going as the normal but fresh concept.

From the fourth episode, it goes interesting to watch the duo combination of being professional’s vs star crossed lovers. Pradeep Sarkar is the director of this web series,z the portraying range of emotions and charisma is reflected in every frame of the episode. The other supporting characters did their justice decently.

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Web series detailed discussion

The story said that she is a chief chef in the restaurant with her friends, Nitya is frustrated because of her past failed relationship. At a point in time, her restaurant is taken over by her ex-husband who is the growing business shark in the town. When the Vikram took over the restaurant, the unbreakable contract has been forced to share the working space in the hotel, which becomes the battlefield. The past Nitya and Vikram seem to be the very ideal pair, young and energetic couples belong to the same profession with the set of same goals, love and live happily even they discuss their children.

When the viewers are likely to want more episodes the director slowly reveals the latter sides in a natural way. The emotional quotient between the Nitya and Vikram works well which brings a tear to the viewers. To watch the web series click on this link Coldd lassi Aur Chicken Masala.

The story set against the restaurant backdrop and it seems that the backstage is heavily inspired by the master chef or hell’s kitchen. Some cursing and forced things scenes are quite unnatural and make the viewers to do feel unnatural. Vikram’s transition from the normal rugged irresponsible boy to well-groomed businessman is quite unbelievable.

An OTT Platform

The other way of showing the intense romance scenes which are adding essence and flavors to the whole act. Coldd lassi Aur Chicken Masala, storyline compilation and flowing screenplay capture a lot of heart. The whole concept is overgoing on the cooking background makes the audience hungry and the shots of scrumptious looking of the food are so delicious. As per the web series name, it is the combination and sweet and spicy, which are unimaginable combinations of recipes.

Here mentioned some of the important characters of the screenplay coldd lassi Aur chicken masala. Divyanka Tripathi as Chef Nitya Sharma, Rajeev Khandelwal as Chef Vikram Singh Chauhan, Barkha Sengupta as Seema, Maninee Mishra as Revti, Navniit Nisshan as Shaila and Ashrin Mehta as Tanvi. Make us know about your perception of the web series in the comment section below.