Art Community Goes Online


The art community has always been looking for new ways to showcase their talent and work. However, this ongoing pandemic has only increased the need for artists, musicians, or anyone else connected to the art community to look at the digital space. For the foreseeable future, we will not be able to go to an art gallery,  a music show, or a stand-up comedy session due to social distancing measures and temporary closures of art/music/performance spaces. This is where the idea behind Skillbox comes in, the idea is to build a digital platform for musicians and artists to come together to share their work and have discussions.

As we all know that the average human attention span is getting shorter day by day as social media dominates the world with visual experiences. Short videos are the best way to capture your audience’s attention while showcasing your talent. These videos have the ability to contain both sounds as well as visuals, which enables the audience to become involved with the artists, musicians and their music on a new level. Skillbox allows users to share these short videos created by various artists showcasing their work across numerous genres such as music, dance, comedy, poetry are among the most viewed and liked ones.

The Skillbox app is a platform where one can create videos, promote music, meet and collaborate with other artists and musicians on the platform. On StreamBox, app users are able to find musicians according to their taste and listen to their music on Skillbox’s music streaming player. The Artist Profiles section let’s artists present themselves according to the highest industry standards. All these tools allow the app users to increase their exposure, gain the recognition and followers and move one step ahead on the road of chasing their dreams. Skillbox allows the well deserved artists and performers to grow themselves and their art related-businesses.

With so many new emerging apps to promote your music online, the main question that arises is how do you decide which platforms are worth your time and energy? If you try to showcase your talent through every channel possible in the market, all at the same time, you are going to eventually burn out very soon. Not ignoring the fact of that, you will also end up frustrated because all of your hard work has not actually resulted in much recognition and fame. So, it is always advisable to put your hard work and efforts on the platform where your existing and potential fans are most likely to notice and appreciate your talent.