5 Roles That Are Crucial in Creating a Motion Picture


Although there are many roles that are crucial in the making of a motion picture of any type, here are five that are often underrated or ignored.

1. Actor

The actor must become someone else for a short period of time and portray that individual in such a way that he or she convinces the audience the character is real. When taking on a role, the actor must also memorize the script, and any daily changes or rewrites. It is a difficult job that sometimes offers little to no glory.

2. Producer

The leader of the team is called the producer. Responsible for keeping the project on schedule and under budget, a producer like David Guillod may have assistants. Still, from the moment the idea was born until the final edit is in production, the project falls on the producer’s shoulders.

3. Costumer

The costumer must work with the film’s actors, directors, and set designers to create a believable wardrobe for the period. He or she must also understand the minutia of the movie in order to make the costuming appear realistic, e.g., dirty clothing when an actor is in the sewer.

4. Director

A director shoots the various scenes created by the rest of the team. From approving the lighting, the shooting angles, and the background situations, the director is responsible for it all. He or she has many assistants, but the vision that puts the film together is the director’s concept alone.

5. Musician

Music creates the mood of the film and is considered vital in making the picture come together as a complete piece. The different aspects of music also fill in the otherwise silent moments in the film, which then keeps the audience from boredom.

The next time you watch a motion picture, consider the number of people it took to put it all together. Then enjoy the show!