360 VR Video Has Changed The Way We Enjoy Concerts


When virtual reality was introduced few years ago, we did not really know how this will impact the world and in what areas it would be used. After years of research and testing the VR industry has come a long way. One of the areas in which it is used extensively is the entertainment industry.

360 VR video technology is used to stream live music videos. Many concerts are now streamed live to maximize the audience size. As opposed to watching the concert in your regular mobile phone or laptop when you make use of a 3D VR headset you will be transported to the concert venue because this gadget will simulate a 3D viewing experience allowing you to experience everything with real life depth.

This technological development in the VR industry along with high-speed internet connectivity has changed the way we enjoy concerts these days. You do not have to drive to the concert venue or expose yourself to the crowd or sweat but still have a real live show experience watching your favorite concerts live right from home.

Initially only a few bands were live streaming concerts but today that is not the case any longer. Most of the concerts are streamed live. Concert organizers too prefer to stream the concerts because it increases the audience count and maximizes the profit. Even those who are unable to get the tickets before they are sold out, those who are not able to afford the tickets for the live shows and those who are not living in the top cities where the concerts are hosted can now witness the concerts without any problem.

Unlike watching the concert in a television, the 3D VR videos give the audience live concert experience. If you also have the 4D earphones, then the entire experience would be surreal.

Even people who are not comfortable getting into massive crowds can now start enjoying their favorite concerts right from the privacy of their homes. When you watch live streaming concert you will be able to experience everything right from the front row and it would be like taking the best seats in the concert venue.

In order to further spice up things, some of the concert organizers even give back stage access to the online viewers. This is a special privilege limited to the online audience. All these have made a significant difference to the way we experience our favorite concerts.

You will be coming across a number of platforms offering virtual streaming services. They give you access to the concerts from leading musicians. You will be able to enjoy the concerts all through the year as one or the other concert takes place in various parts of the world. Moreover, when you have a monthly subscription in one of the video streaming platforms you will be able to access multiple concerts every month. It is certainly worth going for a monthly subscription as opposed to paying for individual concerts.


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