3 Best Films Of Superstar Mahesh Babu


Mahesh Babu is a popular actor in India. He is known for his works in Telugu cinema. He was exposed to the camera early where his first acting stint was at the age of four in the film Needa, 1979. Mahesh Babu has starred in numerous films. Below are the 3 best films of Superstar Mahesh Babu.

First is the movie Murari, directed by Krishna Vamsi. This story tells about a curse haunting a Zamindar’s family, where it’s predicted that every 48 years, the heir of the family will die. Murari tried to reunite their 2 families but, he cannot do so due to an old age curse that will make his own life at risk. This movie was a huge hit.

The second movie that made a mark is Athadu, directed by Trivikram Srinivas. A dramatic movie where Mahesh played a reclusive assassin. This movie has been hailed as a classic over the years.

The third movie was entitled Pokiri, directed by PuriJagannadh. The plot was about an undercover cop, acting like a gangster. This is an action film that made Mahesh Babu a superstar. Mahesh Babu is great at reinventing himself and fully adapts to his role in any movie. Click here to watch telugu movies online.


The movie was directed by Gunasekhar. The movie plot is a thriller about a kabaddi player, who rescues a woman from a faction leader. The faction leader wants to marry the woman against her wishes. The kabaddi player helped the woman escape the faction leader and tries to hide her and protect her from the faction leader.

 The woman fell in love with the kabaddi player and vice versa. They were separated by circumstances that they cannot control. With the faction leader making threats and being the villain, the main character must find a way to fight for the woman he loves and keep her safe.


The plot revolves around 2 brothers by a very good-natured father who teaches his son that kindness is very important in life. The two brothers are unemployed and they are being looked down upon by their relatives. They tried to turn things around.

Two brothers differ in character, one being simple and the other being witty and smart. He is irresistible making him popular with the ladies in his community. The two brothers face some difficulties with their respective love interests where they need to prove themselves to the women’s family and their own.


This is a romantic movie that centers around a man who got attracted to a beautiful and sexy woman when he just returned to India to join a college situated in Hyderabad.

 They both fell in love and decided to have a lavish engagement ceremony to celebrate with family.

The plot thickens when someone arrived at the engagement ceremony and Srivalli got confused as to the person who arrived. The rest of the story is about a bitter past, a revelation about past love and what end will it be for all of them. Will it be a happy ending for everyone?

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